Tree Save & Specialty Services

While many companies offer tree removal services, only a few professionals have the knowledge and skill to save your tree(s) that are declining in health. Our philosophy is that we like to get to the ‘root’ of the problem (no pun intended). ┬áMany of the health problems in our region are just that: root system issues.

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Father and son pointing at some trees

Air spade – The air spade is a system for aerating root zones of trees and shrubs. Most trees and shrubs can benefit from this service. Give us a call for more information concerning the air spade process.

Soil Compaction & Nutrients Testing – Many plant problems come from soil issues having to do with soil compaction and nutrient deficiencies. Let our arborist help you determine what issues pertain to your shrubs and trees.

Consulting and Hazard Assessments – In order to develop a game plan to work with your trees, it is recommended that you have a consultation with our certified arborist. Whether you need help determining the health of your trees or help with your next landscaping project, our certified arborist can guide you through this process.

Tim Costley, president of Superior Arbor Management, says “it is difficult to find a professional with real knowledge to work with your and teach you how to train and prune your plants to promote maximum health and beauty. As a Georgia Master Gardener and ISA Certified Arborist, I enjoy spending time with clients and sharing knowledge to help with any type of specialty landscape project.