Tree Pruning / Trimming Service

From shrubs, fruit trees to priceless estate oaks, Superior Arbor Management can handle all pruning needs.  Being an ISA certified arborist, we can handle any job whether simple or complex; ANSI Standard Crown- cleaning, raising, reductions and thinning.  Consult with one of our arborist to identify what your trees need.

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Pruning a tree with pruning shears

Shrubbery – Most shrubs benefit from deep pruning, preferred over shearing, for optimal health and growth.

Fruit Trees – Fruit tree pruning techniques differ pending on sole purpose of the tree. For example, if you are pruning for fruit production the way to prune the tree would be completely different than how you would prune the tree is using for shade or ornamental purposes.

Young trees – Creating a heirloom tree starts early with proper pruning vital for future growth. You can rest assure that our certified arborist can help your gain optimal health and growth for your young trees.

Mature trees – Mature trees need special care to maintain health and provide generations of enjoyment as well as enhancing our environment. Mature tree care is second nature to us at S.A.M. Call us today to schedule a consultation.

General pruning/trimming is recommended for all tree types. Like with anything, maintenance is necessary to receive optimal performance, General pruning, such as removing unhealthy or dead limbs, can enhance your trees lifespan which is beneficial to you and the environment.

Pruning a tree with extended pole with saw blade