S.A.M. Tree Service

Today Atlanta has some of the most beautiful trees one can find anywhere in the country. Atlanta Tree Service Companies have helped the Atlanta home owners keep their properties looking terrific. If you were to fly over Atlanta from the sky one can see in the spring a beautiful color of green embracing the city from all the leaves that are emerging.

Atlanta Tree Service Work is very vital to keeping the city looking it’s best. Tim Costley, owner of SAM Tree Service, is a certified arborist that has been serving the metro area for more than 20 years.

Tim states, I love tree work and thrive to keep the trees looking their best for all of my clients”. Often his job involves tree removal as well. Tim says this is necessary to keep people loving the enhancement tree can provide to their property. Damaged or unhealthy tree can be dangerous to people property and health. Trees usually fall on their on at the most unlikely time. Tree and storms combine to destroy millions of dollars of property each year. Proper care, trimming, and yes even removal are all strategies to keep tree looking great and keep the home owners safe.

Tim knows how to provide a true assessment if a tree has to be removed. He also knows when a tree just needs a little attention. This is why year after year his company SAM Tree Service is considered one of the best Atlanta Tree Service Companies.