Be Sure to Prune Your Bradford Pear Tree

bradford pear tree pruningThere’s nothing that says spring quite like the blossoming of a Bradford pear. The beautiful white blooms that these trees produce is a sight to behold, and is signal to many people that warmer weather is on the way. However, because Bradford pears are such a robust species, their quick and aggressive growth can often lead to branch crowding and breaking.

To make sure their Bradford pear looks great year after year, many homeowners are interested in pruning. However, if you’ve never had to prune this type of tree before, you want to make sure you understand the process. Learn why you need to be sure to prune a Bradford pear and find out how pruning is easier and more successful with a local tree service.

Why Pruning is Important

For some trees, pruning is only necessary to maintain the appearance of the tree or to remove damaged or dead limbs. However, for Bradford pears, pruning is vital to the long-term health of the tree. As mentioned, Bradford pears can grow very aggressively, which results in branches overcrowding. While this isn’t necessarily a problem for younger Bradford pears, it can become a serious issue as your tree ages.

When a Bradford pear is allowed to mature without pruning taking place, the larger branches can crack and sometimes fall off of the tree. If you want to make sure your Bradford pear always looks its best, pruning is the best way to do so.

Pruning a Young Bradford Pear

The best time to prune a Bradford pear is early in its life. There are multiple reasons for this, but it’s primarily because pruning while the tree is young is much easier. The branches will not be as thick and will require less effort to prune. In addition, when you prune an older tree, damage to its shape and appearance is common, defeating the purpose of the process.

While you’re pruning your young Bradford pear, don’t be afraid to let loose a little bit. Proper Bradford pear pruning often leads to a large number of limbs on the ground, so you shouldn’t be alarmed. Your tree will come back much stronger the next blooming season after you’ve done the right amount of pruning.

Why Professional Help is Important

Although some homeowners choose to prune a Bradford pear themselves, it’s a much better idea to trust a professional tree service. Unlike some trees, correctly pruning a Bradford pear is a very intricate process, and is often too difficult for first time pruners. If you’re not aware of how to do the job properly, it’s possible to cause serious long-term damage to your tree.

A professional tree service, on the other hand, will know exactly how to prune your Bradford pear to improve its future appearance and health. They will also understand the differences between pruning a young tree and an old one, and will be able to complete either job much easier than you would.

Prune a Bradford Pear with Expert Help

If you’re looking for a tree service to help you prune a Bradford pear, look no further than Superior Arbor Management (SAM). We are proud to provide our services to our customers throughout North Georgia and are ready to work with you. SAM tree specialists understand the best way to prune a Bradford pear, and we can make sure your tree always looks its best.

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