How to Choose a Tree Service

It is difficult to choose a good tree service. This is especially true in North Georgia. There are many concerns. How do I know the company is reputable? Do they have proper insurance? How much training do they have? What happens if an accident occurs? What will be my liability if one of their helpers gets hurt? If a tree fall onto your neighbors house, car, or other property will you be responsible? These are questions that may not always be answered truthfully by guys trying to make a few dollars. So how do you protect yourself as a homeowner and get the tree service work done that you need?
The answer is choosing a tree service company that has been in business for a considerable period of time. It is also always good to check with the Better Business Bureau. I have also learned if a company has a certified arborist in a crucial management position that is usually a great sign. Of course a company needs proper insurance and license.

So I began my quest to find a local tree service in Dawsonville, Ga. I had quote from several different companies. This was a job that involved removing several trees and one that might be dangerous to remove. One tree company in particular seemed professional and fairly priced until I called the Better Business Bureau. It seemed they were in the habit of giving low prices before the job and charging additional if not exuberant fee once a project started. Another company said they had insurance but when I ask for proof they quickly left without saying a word.

Finally SAM Tree Service gave me a quote. The bid was very reasonable. The company has a professional record with the Better Business Bureau. Tim Costley (the owner) is a certified arborist. When I asked for proof of insurance he quickly gave me the documents. This was a refreshing change.

SAM Tree Service of Dawsonville, Ga. did a terrific job. There are still really great service companies out there. You just sometimes have to look a little hard to find them. Tim and his crew pricing was on the money. There was no problem and his crew arrived when he promised. Plus he was on the job supervising the work.

So if you to are looking for a Dawsonville Georgia Tree Service, give SAM Tree Service a call.