Gainesville Georgia, formerly known as Mule Camp Springs during the 1800’s, is at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains. After the establishment of Hall County and Lake Lanier, Gainesville was officially a major cityTree Care Service with plenty of potential to be a smaller, homelier Atlanta. Gainesville was founded for its location and serenity, and that essence has been fairly preserved all things considered with the building of the city atop it. The subtropical climate helps a wide variety of trees, bushes, and grass to grow, and when these beautiful trees simply get too cumbersome to manage on your own, it’s always a good idea to call on a professional tree service provider in your area.

SAM Tree Service is the most trusted tree care specialist in Gainesville and the surrounding area, and have full time certified arborists in their fleet of inspectors so you can be certain that your trees will be handled properly. Their ‘Certified Arborist’ has been trained on all the different types of trees and what type of actions to take to properly maintain the health of your trees and their root systems.

For over 20 years, the SAM Tree Service has been serving the North Georgia area so you can trust them with all your tree trimming and tree cutting needs! They are proud of their Superior Arbor Management, which aids in the removal of large trees Gainesville that can fall down during storms and cause severe damage to property and a feeling of fear in the homeowners. They are also trained to cure and prevent some issues that trees can get, similar to a cold for humans. All of this, while helping make your trees more astatically pleasing as well!

No matter the reason you are looking to have your trees inspected, it’s always better to go with a certified tree professional to ensure the best possible care for your trees is taken. Don’t let your trees become sick, or grow out of control. Keep your personal piece of woodland beautiful and healthy!