Don’t Forget Pre-Winter Checks of Nearby Trees to Your Home or Business

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Winter is a time when we turn our minds indoors. Instead of thinking about mowing the lawn and pruning the hedges we think about warm fireplaces. Before the cold weather starts to roll into Dawsonville, you may want to have the trees near your home or business checked.

Trees can cause major damage through the winter months if they are not checked prior to the bad weather. The wind, ice and snow that winter brings can weaken the already delicate structure of the tree and land a large branch on your roof, through a window or on top of a client’s Mercedes! Here are some things that your local tree care specialist can look for during checks of nearby trees that may be potentially damaging to your property.


Issues with the Roots

The roots are what anchor a tree to the ground. Over time, this system can weaken and provide less and less support. It might not even be evident to someone who doesn’t know trees like a tree care specialist does. Weak roots can allow trees to be blown down in strong winter storms. Nearby construction can be a major cause of these types of problems, as they can accidently sever complex root systems that stretch far away from the base of the tree.


Dead Branches

Dead branches, otherwise known as deadwood, can be a major issue during the winter months. As the wind kicks up and catches hold of these branches, they can easily be torn from the tree and blown onto the roof of your home or business.

Deadwood can be hard to spot in the spring and summer because it may be high up in the tree and actually be hidden by all of the leaves or blooms that are on your tree. Fall is the time when checks of nearby trees can easily spot deadwood and have it removed before it causes damage.


Disease or Decay

Trees, just like anything else, can get sick. This is usually in the form of fungus or even decay that can spring up on portions of the tree trunk. Spots on the tree where wood is missing can lead to advanced decay of the tree that weakens its structure. As the winter months roll on the situation can get worse ending with the tree coming down and causing damage.

Decay, while not immediately threatening, can cause fungus and other problems to spring up. If left unchecked through the winter, there may be damage that can’t be fixed when spring rolls around.



Trees can develop places in the bark that split and become deep cracks. As the winter water gets in and freezes, this can make cracks worse and lead to the tree dying or needed to be removed.

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