Dawsonville Tree Service

Dawson County, the home of Juno, Silver City, Amicalola and of course its largest city, Dawsonville, is located in North Georgia and is steadily growing. Created in 1857 from two other counties, it Dawsonville Tree Servicewas named after the US Senator William Crosby Dawson. The area of Dawsonville is known for its tradition in racing. Bill Elliott, a retired NASCAR driver, is from the lively and beautiful city of Dawsonville.

With Dawson County being located in North Georgia, many trees need to be taken care of and properly treated. The premiere team at Superior Arbor Management (SAM) does a remarkable job at taking care of all of the tree needs in the area of Dawsonville and the surrounding areas as well. If you have concerns about any of the trees on your property in Dawsonville, our professional team can help put these worries to rest with our tree services.

What Does SAM do?

Superior Arbor Management ensures that the surrounding areas in Dawsonville stay neat and pristine. Professionals in their craft, they know what needs to be done with the trees and know how to tend the areas surrounding the trees to ensure they are not ruined in the process. Tree pruning is one of the primary objectives at Superior Arbor Management. Most people allow trees to grow wild which eventually turns against them as the trees begin to grow uncontrollably. When trees grow correctly, there is still a smaller chance they will fall prey to pests, disease or weathering.

Tree trimming and removing trees may seem like a simple job in the means of just cutting a tree and letting it fall, but trees need to be removed by professionals. Some trees grow dangerously, creating liabilities to homes or other ways of property damage. The professionals at SAM assure that all steps are made when handling problem trees.

Why Choose SAM?

The professional Arborists at Superior Arbor Management are exactly that─superior. They know the environment, how to safely climb and to secure the removal of the trees. They know the proper grooming, diagnosis and the treatment of the trees, including emergency tree service. SAM can provide you with a consultation, or even resources teaching you exactly what is needed, and why it is necessary. No one can clean your teeth like a dentist, no one can build a house like a contractor and no one can take care of trees like an arborist. Superior Arbor Management is the place the trusted service in Dawsonville for commercial and personal needs.