Originally a vast territory which formed during the infamous Trail of Tears when the Cherokee were removed from their ancestral lands, Cherokee County in Northern Georgia includes the towns of Ball Ground, Canton, Woodstock & Waleska. It has vast green and natural spaces that are treasured by residents, including a range of nine beautiful mountain peaks. It is home to nearly 215,000 souls, all of whom have a deep respect for the natural world. When residents of Cherokee County need tree management services, they turn to the professionals at Superior Arbor Management.

Cherokee County Arbor Management

Whether you need commercial or residential services, SAM is there to provide the very best in Cherokee County arbor management. We offer services year-round and can provide a complete range of Cherokee County Tree Servicetree management and health care. Among the services we provide include:

  • Tree removal
  • Tree trimming
  • Arboreal consulting services
  • Problem diagnosis
  • Preventative tree care
  • Emergency tree service
  • Tree Save

Treating Sick Trees

Just like people, plants can get ill. When a tree does get infected with an illness, it can spread to other plants on your property, quickly turning a beautiful grove into a dying blight. Our certified arborists can examine your trees to determine their overall health and recommend any necessary services to help keep them vital and strong. We will also offer pro-active care to keep your trees from getting diseases in the first place.

Certified Experts

Our tree service professionals are certified by the ISA and use the most current and high-tech training and equipment to ensure that your trees provide ideal beauty and maximum increase to the value of your property. We are fully insured to give you peace of mind.

Our qualifications go beyond ISA certification as well. We are also members of the International Society of Arboriculture. With such a list of professional memberships and qualifications, you can always have the confidence of knowing that you are getting the very best in arboreal management services.

Trees are one of our most valuable natural resources. If you have need of tree pruning or other arbor management services in the Cherokee County, GA region, don’t wait. Read about the services we offer and give us a call for service in Canton, Woodstock, Ball Ground or Waleska today!