4 Reasons to Call a Tree Service Before Spring!

Prepare your home for spring and summer. A long, cold winter can cause many reasons for you to need a tree service. Now is a great time to take care of problems brought by winter storms. Set the groundwork for a beautiful and safe spring through fall.

1. Prevent an accident from an overgrown or improperly placed tree

Hazardous weather, which can be common in the south, causes trees to fall. Every year, a large number of trees fall on buildings, automobiles, and homes. Storm damaged trees react by producing numerous, weakly-attached branches. A tree service will selectively remove the branches to enhance the tree’s appearance while improving safety. This leaves homeowners confused about what to do and frantic about the cost of repairs. Studies have shown that the cost of regularly pruning and routine care of trees costs much less than repairs needed after years of neglect.

2. Maintain Healthy Trees

Hiring a tree service can really improve the quality of your trees. Selective treatments can help to prevent damage by pests. Pests eat and destroy leaves, trunks, and branches; this can result in an accidental fall. A large variety of diseases effect tree and shrubs that can be harmful and unattractive. Tree services assist in finding the correct nutrient balance and enhances plant health and color. This also stimulates growth.

3. Lower Cooling and Heating Costs

Tree-shaded homes are much cooler in the summer, and can save a large amount of money. Southern summers are notoriously humid, and can cause expensive utility bills. Healthy trees also provide protection from winter winds, which also cuts energy costs.

4. Increase Your Property Value

A cared for landscape greatly enhances the appearance of your property. This raises the property value. Planning a new landscape? A tree service can help you find the right plants to grow in your environment. Some trees flourish in the varied weather of Georgia easier than others. Having a stump removed can also add to your property value. A beautiful landscape can look unforgivably blemished with a stump, but this can be remedied easily.