3 Beautiful Winter Trees for your Yard

When most of the beautiful leaves of Fall have dropped down to the cold ground and Winter officially comes along, the empty trees and dusting of snow on leafless branches can sometimes become wearisome to the eyes. Some might prefer a dash of color and life even during the coldest time of year.

If you prefer having beautiful trees to view during the Fall and a lovely scented yard with evergreen leaves and red berries, then here are 3 Beautiful Winter Trees to Plant in Your Yard, courtesy of the Top 10 Winter Plants from howstuffworks.com!

1. Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum)

The Japanese Maple, clearly native to Asia, is first on our list due to their gorgeous Fall leaves. The combination of green, red and gold can ready the mind and home environment that Winter will be coming next, making it a great transitional tree.

While the leaves are slowly dropping to the ground, you can feel comfortable knowing that the next tree on the list will keep a strong fragrant scent through the colder days of Winter….

2. Witch Hazel (Hamamelis virginiana)

Witch Hazel is a small deciduous tree that will create a great deal of scented yellow and thin petalled flowers in early Winter. It’s technically considered a shrub, but it can reach 20 feet in height and will add a lovely fragrance to the yard during a time that will start getting colder and colder.

But, if you’re feeling that you should keep some color during the coldest weeks of Winter, you should consider the third and final tree in our list…

3. Evergreen Holly (Ilex)

Nothing says Winter and Christmas spirit like a classic Holly Tree. The characteristically pointed leaves and red berries make for a perfect holiday blend of red and green colors, which you can happily keep all throughout Winter due to the evergreen leaves.

Even when the rest of the tree leaves have fallen and the Winter snow has come through dusting everything in sight – you can still feel that holiday warmth with your Evergreen Holly in sight.